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Strategic medical equipment planning for mtp primarily means implementing standards, the development of alternative concepts and manufacturer independent planning. Essential for a successful project management is the integration of all internal and external participants involved, a joint start-up schedule - and naturally the adherence to laws, standards, official requirements and internal specifications.

mtp places a special focus on refurbishment and upgrading projects. Many clients are faced with the need for renewal of their medical equipment and a necessary restructuring of their operational processes. An interim solution often is not financially viable and not always sensible. In these cases, mtp advises the client on the appropriate division into construction stages in which planning and implementation will take place during ongoing operation of the department concerned.

mtp provides an integrated project implementation for medical and laboratory equipment planning in four stages:

Design stage
Execution stage
Tender and award stage
Construction stage

During the design stage, a room by room equipment list, associated cost calculations, the layout planning, scope split and preliminary technical room specifications will be developed.
"A high degree of standardization of planning and knowledge databases will ensure the client a maximum in product quality."

At the execution stage, according to the inventory, installation planning due to device-specific installation information, detailed technical room specifications, wall elevations and an implementation schedule will be established.
"A reliable coordination and high transparency in planning processes provide the client and planning participants with a maximum in planning quality."

At the tender and award stage, a division of contracts into lots will be performed, a detailed quantity determination table and specification established, tender evaluation conducted and a price comparison list and award proposal will be compiled.
"Tendering and contracting near completion of the project will ensure the clients and users state of the art medical technology."

During the construction stage, the actual site supervision, training, commissioning and obtaining official approval will be conducted.
"The digital site office is responsible for the highest level of competence and maximum transparency".